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Welcome to 7th Edition of IEEE
International Test Conference - India


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If you’re visiting ITC 2022 Registration Website for the first time, please buy the required ticket and then do the checkout. Only after this, you will be able to login to your My Account page. Older logins of 2021 website won’t work.  

  1. If you change the Quantity of tickets here, please click on the “update cart” button for the change to take effect. 
  2. At once, you may only add tickets of “Indian Participant” (or) “Foreign Participant”. Both cannot be added to cart at once. Please complete the order for 1 category before ordering the next
  3. Once you have completed the payment successfully, you will receive the Invoices & Tickets to your Email automatically. 
  4. The tickets purchaser (biller) will receive both the tickets and the Invoice. The Attendee will receive only the tickets.
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