Test Reality Check Track

Call For Submissions

Important Dates :

✓ Presentation/Abstract Submission Deadline : 20 March 2022
✓ Author Notification : 22 May 2022

Test Reality Check for ITC Conference 2022 is live!

The objective of this track is to provide an informal platform for Chip Designers, EDA solution providers product lines and debate about any specific test topic of interest to test community at large. The TRC track comprises of the following three sections

  • User Stories: The designers can present their test success stories, best practices that lead to reduced turnaround time,
    test quality improvements or eliminating human errors

  • TechKonv: This is a new TRC track concept where user can come up with a problem statement or some topic related to Test/DFT and our Industry Experts and experts from audience and others with knowledge from the domain can give valuable suggestion and lead to healthy Technical Conversation with Test community

Submission Guidelines

The TRC track does not require formal full paper for an entry

Authors are invited to submit a crisp power point presentation on their topic for this track or an extended abstract which is no less than two pages. The presentations from this track will not be published in IEEE Explore as part of ITC main conference proceedings

  • For User Stories section, a full presentation, with a title, needs to be submitted as an entry. The duration of the presentation shall not exceed 25 minutes and 5 minutes will be reserved for Q & A. The entries will be selected based on the practicality, novelty, versatility and tangible benefits based on real time data from industrial designs

  • For TechKonv section, a clear description of the problem or topic of interest in a couple of power point slides can be submitted as an entry. The entries will be selected based on the criticality and clarity of the problems. Each speaker will be given 5 minutes for their problem description and another 15 minutes for the audience feedback and discussion.

Note: For detailed information about the submission process, requirements and deadlines, please email the program chair at [email protected]