From Desk of General Co-Chair

ITC India is all set to host the 6th edition of the conference from July 24th – 26th at Radisson Blu, Bengaluru, India.

The conference is back to in-person mode after 3 years with excellent keynotes, tutorials, technical papers, and panel discussions.

The keynotes and invited talks by technical experts and leaders cover all the major hot topics in test such as system level test, silicon analytics, 3DIC testing.

A special session on security by experts will cover effects of aging on security, security challenges in healthcare systems and techniques for detecting recycled ICs.

Starting this year, we are introducing short tutorials (90 minutes) along with full tutorials (180 minutes) to cover a bouquet of topics and also keep the contents focused.

We have planned 9 exciting tutorials that range from basics of test, DFT methodologies, analog testing, IEEE standards etc. to failure analysis challenges post silicon.

The panel discussion on Day 1 covers the challenges in of power aware testing and the Day 2 panel discussion deliberates on the burning problem of talent development in test domain.

There are many exciting technical papers planned along with a test reality check track that focuses on discussing day to day challenges faced by DFT engineers in the industry.

Starting this year, we are introducing a new academia track to provide a platform for PhD students in test/security domain to present their thesis and get invaluable feedback.

A new mentorship program to help research students will be unveiled at the conference.   

Review the agenda (attached) at and register for the conference at  to participate, learn and get connected with the test and security community in industry and academia across the globe.

Looking forward to hosting you at the conference!!

Sameer Chillarige, General Co-Chair,
ITC India 2022