From desk of General Co-Chair

ITC India 2023, Date: July 23 to 25, Location: Radisson Blu, Outer Ring Road, Marathalli, Bangalore

Dear Test Community,

A very warm greeting to one and all. I am sure you all will be very excited to participate in 7th edition of ITC India scheduled to start from July 23. The ITC India organizing committee has diligently put together very diversified and technically rich program for 3 days. The VLSI test domain continues to grow and keep expanding its footprint in silicon product life cycle.  Modern SOCs are making huge inroads into mission critical applications such as automotive, industrial automation, and health care systems that demand high quality and reliability. The mission critical applications not only require high defect coverage for final testing but also need capabilities to continuously perform self-test, monitor and analyze latent, environmental, and aging induced random defects that can cause fatal failures and accidents. This requirement is driving growth of silicon life cycle management (SLM) faculty. 

To proliferate test at grassroot level, we are looking forward to seeing greater participation from student and faculty communities from academia domain. The test is a very exciting faculty of chip design process as it starts from chip architecture phase and goes all the way till end of the chip lifetime. The test directly affects profitability and brand image. It gives immense pleasure and deep sense of fulfillment when extremely tricky silicon problems related to Vmin, Fmax, power, yield fall out, test escapes and shmoo holes are root caused using extremely cryptic and limited fail signatures. Sometimes these problems are extremely difficult to reproduce in simulations/emulations and cannot be observed or controlled directly on tester.

I firmly believe that ITC is a mega festival for test diehard fans and provides an excellent opportunity to receive and give peer reviews and feedback on key test issues to fellow test engineers. Please do visit ITC India 2023 home page to know more about agenda and registration details. Apart from early bird discount option, we have introduced bulk group discount option. The bulk discount can be availed if registration is done in group of 5, 10 or 15.  The ITC India 2023 home page link is below for a quick reference.

Please do register yourself and spread the ITC buzz in your social circles. The ITC India organizing committee is looking forward to welcoming all the authors, presenters, panel members and audience to 7th edition of ITC India.


Kamlesh Pandey

ITC India 2023 – General Co-Chair