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Finally, the wait is over as the 6th edition of ITC India is about to start in a few days (from July 24 to July 26) at Radisson Blu, Bangalore. The products based on automotive and artificial intelligence are driving the growth of the modern semiconductor industry. These applications demand high quality, reliability, and security. Generally high-quality driven testing takes long test insertion, verification, and test application time, culminating into very high-test cost. Unfortunately, majority of the test time optimization techniques do not go hand in hand with low power testing techniques. The need of high reliability makes it necessary to detect latent defects using some stress conditions. The pressure of time to market does not provide any relief and mandates to have sophisticated diagnosis infrastructure for faster debug turnaround time. The concept of sophisticated diagnosis and idea of tight security are at loggerhead with each other. Finding optimum balance among quality, reliability, diagnosis, security and cost is a nontrivial task. These challenges make test faculty as one of the most challenging faculty of the modern-day VLSI industry. As part of our commitment to proliferate test in Indian academic institutions, we have included rich contents particularly carved out for students and faculties. The ITC provides an excellent opportunity to listen and interact with some of the best in the business test experts in the world.

Please do visit ITC India 2022 home page to know more about agenda and registration details. Apart from early bird discount option, we have introduced bulk group discount option. The bulk discount can be availed if registration is done in group of 3, 5, or 10.

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Kindly do not forget to register yourself and spread the word in your professional as well as social circles. The ITC India organizing committee is looking forward to welcoming all the authors, presenters, panel members and audience to 6th edition of ITC India.

Kamlesh Pandey, General Co-Chair,
ITC India 2022