Authors Instruction

Author presentation Recording Guidelines

  • For video, capture a single screen with your presentation/slides in full screen. Advance the slides as if presenting normally. Video feed of the presenter (such as via webcam) is not required.
  • For audio, we recommend using an external microphone whenever possible. Using the microphone built into your webcam and/or laptop is also acceptable, but please ensure that you minimize ambient noise.
  • Use any screen capture tool, Eg.: ShareX (download at or similar.
  • If using other recording software, please make sure to record the video in 720p resolution (or better screen resolution) and at 30 frames per second in the MP4 video format.
  • Once you have begun recording but before you begin your presentation, please stay on your first slide for 10 seconds without talking. After the initial 10 seconds of silence have elapsed, you may proceed with your presentation normally. This 10 second gap will make it easier for our editors to put the presentations together cleanly.
  • Similarly, after you have concluded your presentation, please remain on the final slide for 10 seconds in silence.
  • Your presentation should be at least 15 minutes in length but should not exceed 20 minutes. It must be voiced in clear and understandable English. The filename must be the title of your paper (First 50 characters of title if title is very long).
  • Before submitting your presentation to us, please send it to your friends or colleagues for review and ask them to confirm that the slides are legible and that the audio is clear.
  • Only for TRC Data Blitz Track –  Your presentation should be at least 5 minutes in length but should not exceed 6 minutes.