• The pre-fabricated stalls would be constructed in Octonorm type pre-fabricated display system, with one metre wide PVC Foam / laminated partition sheets held in aluminium sections.
  • The pamphlets / posters of the participants can be stuck on the PVC foam / laminated partition sheets with doublesided foam tape. Writing / Nails / Screws / Fevicol or Fevikwik / Rubber Solution etc are not allowed.
  • All size and height of octonorm booth is mentioned in the next section.
  • Exhibitors who are constructing/fabricating their own booth can use the allocated space (length x width) with 4m height.
  • Exhibitors having more than 1 booth can have have further customization with octonorm. However they will get the same facilities per booth.

Exhibit Stall Dimensions

Facilities inside the stall - Each stall would be provided with:


Installation and Dismantling of the stall

  • Exhibition Area: Ground Floor Banquet Area(in front of Grand Victoria Hall, Radisson Blu, Marathalli, Bangalore
  • Exhibition Dates: 25th – 26th Jul, 2022
  • Exhibition Hours: 25th Jul : 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM, 26th Jul : 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Exhibitors Registration: All exhibitors must pre-register for the exhibition or technical session or both. Badges will be provided on site along with exhibitor’s kit. Exhibitors should wear their badges all the time in the conference. Please note exhibitors not wearing the badges will be told to exit from the conference premises. Exhibitors badges are personal and non transferable.
  • Exhibit set up and staffing: All exhibits must finish their setup before 7AM on 25th Jul, 2022.
  • Exhibitors should open their exhibits on time and staff them throughout the conference everyday.
  • Exhibitors are strongly urged to staff their booths with a minimum of two representatives.
  • Exhibitors would be allowed to stay at the exhibition area for an hour after the assigned exhibition timings. All exhibitors are urged not to keep their material at the exhibit or do so at their own risk.
  • For exhibitors who are using OCTONORM BOOTHS, The octanorm booths will be handed over/provided to all exhibitors on 24th Jul, 10.00 PM onwards for decoration and management.
  • Exhibitors are requested to vacate the booth after 5.00 PM on 26th Jul.
  • For exhibitors who are going to design/fabricate/construct their own booths, the open space for your allocated booth will be handed over/provided to all exhibitors on 24th Jul,10 PM onwards for decoration and management.
  • Exhibitors are requested to vacate the booth after 5.00 PM on 24th Jul.

Conference Exhibit Layout Plan



Other Instructions

  1. The exhibitor must not cause any damage to octonorm panels or walls or furniture of the exhibit property and hotel property in the hotel and exhibition are. In case of any such damages, the exhibitor will have to indemnify the organizers for the same.
  2. The exhibitor must keep their area clean and are not allowed to litter any garbage in the common areas. They must use bins to collect the garbage and store it separately for disposal.
  3. No projection outside the allotted area will be permitted. The organizer will be at liberty to remove such encroachment or projections at cost to be borne by the sponsor/exhibitor.
  4. No separate storage facilities shall be provided. All exhibitors are required to make their own arrangement towards the same.
  5. Sponsor / Exhibition / Souvenir confirmed are NON TRANSFERABLE.
  6. No sale or credit of products and services shall be allowed at stalls. However, booking could be done for delivery at a later date. The Trade & Exhibition Committee shall no way be responsible for any tax liability incurred for any sale / booking transaction undertaken by the exhibitors.
  7. Microphone or any promotional activities, hindering or disturbing other sponsor/exhibitor will not be permitted. This is must for security purpose. The number of representatives of thesponsor/exhibitor at the conference venue will be limited , depending on the extent of sponsorship, at the discretion of the organizing committee.
  8. Appointed Electrical Contractor will execute all electrical connections inside the stall and other areas. The sponsors / exhibitors are required to intimate the organizers in writing on the additional points required by them at least 15 days in advance. Please note all extra points/connections would be charged.
  9. The organizers will not allow any construction at the site of exhibition during the exhibition hours.

For additional details & assistance, Kindly contact the below representatives:
Samuel Dorairaj | [email protected] – +91-98802 92491
Swetha Priya A | [email protected]

Download Exhibitors information PDF

Event Location

Radisson Blu Hotel, Bengaluru Outer Ring Road

Address: 90/4 Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, 560037, India

Google Maps Direction: https://goo.gl/maps/nyvHRWcNstifH6TE6