3 Tracks, 6 Tutorials: A gateway to an ocean of learning

ITC India 2021 has been bringing to you every year tutorial session with the intention to share knowledge across the industry and academics. Every year ITC India has included various aspects and topics of VLSI Testing as a part of the program. We have seen speakers, presenters and participants from various parts of the world and virtual mode of presentation has made possible interaction among these people. This year, yet again, with the same intention we are bringing to you Tutorial Program from various EDA houses, Universities and Product companies. ITC India has lined up speakers with years of experience, from Industry and academia, across the world. Participants from various time zones will be interacting with these speakers in ITC India 2021. Let us all utilize this opportunity and meet virtually on 18th July 2021 with the aim to learn on this day.

ITC India 2021 Tutorial program will have sessions for all categories of audience –

If you are from academics and want to start learning, the ITC India 2021 beginner level tutorials are for you

If you are from the industry there are new tutorial sessions which will help you take a step ahead

If you want to explore different domains like security, ITC India 2021 has a tutorial session for you

If you want to explore the clocking and power, ITC India 2021 has a tutorial session for you

If you want to explore the new era of memories and unmodeled faults, ITC India 2021 has a tutorial session for you

Automotive, security and safety are always major challenges during test and this area goes through continuous enhancements and development. ITC India 2021 has a tutorial to cover these aspects.

Please click on https://itctestweekindia.org/tutorial-program-2021/ to view Agenda of Tutorial Program for ITC India 2021.

Tutorial Program Chairs,

Shamitha Rao

Intel India

Anurag Jain

Broadcom Inc